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A Data Scientist with a technical mind who has expertise in applying a data-driven approach to maximize performance and accuracy of datasets. I make the most efficient use of statistical models to achieve a great result. I can apply machine learning and deep learning models to deliver insights and implement action-oriented solutions to a complex problem. On a personal level, I can think clearly, logically and make the best decisions in a short time.

Data Scientist

I have the ability to preprocess, visualize and apply machine or deep learning to data for future purposes.

  • Birthday: February 1994
  • Website: About Me
  • Phone: +2347032774977
  • City: Gbagada, Lagos


These are the facts about me.

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These are my acquired skill overtime.

Programming Skills
Python 85%
R 80%
SQL 88%
Data Processing 90%
Data Visualizaton 90%
Data Mining 89%
Statistics 70%
Machine Learning 85%
Deep Learning 88%
Programming Tools
Jupyter Notebook 95%
IBM Watson Studio 80%
Microsoft Packages 70%
MySQL 88%
Git 70%
Google Colab70%
Microsoft Visual Studio85%
Soft Skills
Interpersonal 95%
Analytical 90%
Organizational 75%
Strategic Planning 80%
Quality Assurance85%


This is the Resume of Dare Israila olatunji.


Dare Israila Olatunji

A Data Scientist with a mathematics background and years of expertise solving difficult business challenges with predictive modeling, data processing, and data mining methods/algorithms.I'm active in the Python and R studio open source community and a deep learning enthusiast.

  • Ifako, Gbagada, Lagos, NG
  • (234) 7032774977
  • dareartabefe@gmail.com

Educational Background

Master of Information Technology

2020 - Present

University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria

Bachelor of Science & Computer Science

2013 - 2018

Osun State University, Osogbo.

West African Senior School Certificate Examination & Science

2005 - 2011

Federal Science and Technical College, Ilesa, Osun State. NG.

Professional Certificate

National Youth Service Corps Discharge Certificate


National Youth Service Corps, Nigeria

Certificate No: A003904678

Project Management Professional (PMP)


British Project Management Academy

Certificate No: 1423003

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management. NG.

Certificate No: 32476897

Customer Service and Marketing


Institute of Chatered Digital Marketing

Certificate No: 1503627

Introduction to Quality Management


Rahn Wesley Institute of Management

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

In View


IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

In View


Professional Experience

Device Programmer

2019 - Present

Eko Electricity Distribution Company

  • Acquisition of smart meters on the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) for remote monitoring
  • Manage meter database using SQL for a different metering project
  • Assist in coordinating staff training on the acquisition of meters, configuration, installation & maintenance
  • Support the monitoring and maintenance of newly acquired meters on TMR (telemonitoring reading)
  • Test all modem of the meters for communication after configuration
  • Support analysis and producing comprehensive reports using information gotten from the TMR
  • Setup Meters to appropriate ratings to meet the customer’s specifications
  • Preparation of captured details and acquired meters for the central database
  • Allocation of smart meters for installation

Computer Science Instructor

2018 - 2019

National Youth Service Corps

  • Tutored high schoolers computer studies
  • Encouraged positive behaviour among students
  • Led a group of students to win the local spelling bee competition
  • Tutored my fellow Corp member basics in computer programming and were certified

Junior Network Administrator

April 2016 - October 2016

NetIT Solutions LTD

  • Responsible for day-to-day computer hardware repairs, such as printers, hard drives, associated devices and internet installation (WI-FI)
  • Monitoring the operation of various servers, host systems and network components
  • Cleaning, adjusting, and making minor repairs to computer equipment.
  • Provision of support to users by following long-established procedures.
  • Responsible for the frequent start-up and the company’s IT system’s nighttime shutdown.
  • Operating computer consoles and peripheral equipment safely
  • Temperature monitoring of the room where the computer servers are stored
  • Covering the IT help desk while there is a rush of requests during busy hours.
  • Determining the extent of any IT concerns and prioritizing them accordingly
  • Ensuring that all data is secured and that there are no breaches of confidentiality.
  • Ensuring users satisfaction when installing internet


This is the collection of Projects done overtime.

  • All
  • Application
  • Data Science
  • Web


The are the services I render.

Data Analysis

Inspection, purification, transformation, and modeling of data with the objective of uncovering usable information, informing conclusions, and assisting decision-making are all part of this process.Much information may be obtained from a little bit of data for future use.

Data Visualization

This is concerned with the graphic depiction of data at any point of the data analysis process.When the data is large, such as telecommunication data, it is a very effective technique of transmitting.

Web Development

This relates to the development, creation, and upkeep of websites. Web design, web publishing, web development, and database administration are all included.It is the building of an internet-based application, such as a website.

Research Development

Rendering assistant for research writers


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